Turkmenistan Archery Cup: finalists go to Asian Championship

Turkmenistan Archery Cup: finalists go to Asian Championship

On October 13, the final of the Turkmenistan Cup in archery among the junior, youth and adult age groups took place. About 60 archers from all regions of the country took part in the competitions.

In adults, 18 athletes shot at an open distance of 70 meters. The first was Ogulsurai Kakysheva, the second place was taken by Polat Metdiev and the third was Selim Hadzhiev.

23 archers fired at a distance of 18 meters. Here, the places were ordered in this way – the championship was held by Polat Metdiev, in the second place was Vepa Sekhedov, Agadzhan Gullashov took the third position.

In 18-meter block bow shooting, Polat Metdiev stood out – he took first position. Second place is taken by Vepa Sahedov and third by Agadzhan Gullashov.

For block bow, at a distance of 50 meters, the best result was shown by Georgy Agiyarov, the second was Nurmammed Nuryev and the third was Aisoltan Byashimova.

The competition was organized by the Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy of Turkmenistan, together with the National Federation of Archers.

Following the results of the competition, 5 best shooters will be selected who will go to the Asian Championship. It will be held in Bangkok from November 21 to 29.