Turkmenistan and UN Children’s Fund prepare new cooperation programme

Turkmenistan and UN Children’s Fund prepare new cooperation programme

A consultation meeting was held in Ashgabat to discuss a new Turkmenistan – UNICEF cooperation programme for 2021-2025.

A meeting brought together national experts including specialists from ministries and departments, employees of public organizations, as well as young SDGs envoys to exchange views with UNICEF representatives on the proposed priority areas of cooperation.

– Your feedback will help us ensure the relevance of the new programme and an appropriate framework for continuing our joint efforts for the benefit of all children in Turkmenistan, Kristin Weigand, Head of UN Children’s Fund mission in Turkmenistan said.

The cooperation programme for 2021-2025 will be based on the UN Sustainable Development and Cooperation Framework, contributing to the implementation of the 2030 Agenda.

The following four components are proposed to be included in the new document:

1. Public administration for children. Key objectives are improving mechanisms for protecting and monitoring children’s rights, improving the statistical base to improve decision-making.

Expected outcome: By 2025, Turkmenistan will implement the provisions contained in the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the 2030 Agenda and other international and national obligations related to children.

2. Health, nutrition and early childhood development. Key objectives are enhancing the survival rate of newborns, promoting health of children and adolescents, improving nutrition, and early child development.

Expected outcome: by 2025, every newborn, child and adolescent, every woman will enjoy equal access to quality services in the field of healthcare and proper nutrition.

3. Social protection and child welfare. Key objectives are expanding the coverage and improving social protection mechanisms.

Expected outcome: by 2025, children in Turkmenistan, especially boys and girls in vulnerable families, as well as those in contact with the law enforcement system, will benefit from quality social protection services.

4. Quality and inclusive education. Key objectives are access to early education with a focus on pre-school training, the quality and inclusiveness of primary and secondary education.

Expected outcome: by 2025, children in Turkmenistan, especially those with disabilities, will have wide access to quality and inclusive education.

– We have ambitious goals. Let’s put them into practice so that every child in Turkmenistan is healthy, educated and protected, Weygand emphasized in her address.