Turkmenistan and the USA start joint projects on adaptive sports

Turkmenistan and the USA start joint projects on adaptive sports

Within the limits of the proceeding 10-day visit to Turkmenistan the team of sportsmen, trainers and managers from the USA has acquainted representatives of regions of the country with adaptive sports in America.

One of such presentations has been held in the American centre in Ashgabat with the assistance of members of sports association Sportable. They have told about that big and important work which carries out their teams that by sports to change for the best life of people with limited possibilities of health.

– Our overall objective – to help sportsmen to see beyond today’s possibilities. We are firmly convinced that sports are the catalyst necessary for people with physical disabilities for decrease of social isolation, – they make comments.

The centre creates conditions for people with various health disabilities, gives the chance to them to participate in professional competitions in swimming, tennis, archery, kayaking, cycling, road racing and running .Thus in the centre they use special training equipment. For example, certain means of transportation are applied to people with problems of musculoskeletal system, people with blindness and visually impair “beeper” balls, subjects with keen smells, bright colouring, etc. are used.

Each sportsman present in the presentation of sportsmen and coaches has his history of life, the way of achievement of various heights. For example, Elijah Bondeson was born with cleft vertebra, but despite it, he is a talented sportsman. Sports have great value in the life of Elijah – earlier he took part in competitions in tennis, rowing, supported the national team in wheelchair basketball.

Forrest Lodge: throughout the childhood his parents did all that he could be engaged in various sports. It has allowed Forrest to expand experience in sports, whether it is construction of new relations with team mates or training in new skills. Forrest has got acquainted for the first time with Sportable thanking of volunteer work in the program «Power Soccer» during the spring semester at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU). And since then here for three years he works in this organisation.

All of them are united by constant advance, purposefulness. And now they can impart experience and knowledge to other people.

Similar presentations within the limits of program ENVEST (Empowering New Voices through Education and Sport Training) of Virginia Commonwealth University were organised in other regions of Turkmenistan – Dashoguz and Turkmenabad.

– We are glad that we have joined the group of adherents in the field of adaptive sports in Turkmenistan to continue mission of creation of possibilities and life transformation worldwide, – told Hunter Leemon, Sportable Executive Director of Sportable.

Within the limits of visit the delegation from Virginia will reunite with sportsmen and trainers from Turkmenistan who have visited Richmond in October, 2018 where they studied an advanced experience of the organisations in adaptive sports and started working out of the plans of action for realisation in Turkmenistan. The second phase of this cultural exchange will be concentrated on perfection of these plans, and also introduction of new program ideas for sportsmen with disabilities.

The American sportsmen will give a master class at Turkmen schools for children with disabilities; will present joint demonstration performances together with their pupils.

On October 15 there will be held the conference “Unlocking Potential through Adaptive Sports.”

Ayna Berdiyeva