Turkmenistan and Iran agreed on regular overseas traffic

Turkmenistan and Iran agreed on regular overseas traffic

Tehran and Ashgabat have reached a consensus of a direct route of maritime traffic, reports ISNA Agency, referring to the words of the Minister of Transport and Urban Development of IRI Mohammad Eslami.

According to the Minister, the agreement on this issue, along with several others, will be officially signed in October at the Summit in Ashgabat.

At the beginning of this month, Mr. Eslami visited Turkmenistan, where he took part in a meeting of the heads of transport departments of the Caspian “five states” in the framework of the 1st Caspian Economic Forum.

During the visit, bilateral talks were held with representatives of relevant agencies on expansion of transport and trade relations. The parties also discussed visa regime facilitation, water management and protection of the marine environment.

According to Eslami, the development of Maritime communications, the establishment of a shipping line between the ports of Turkmenistan and Iran, the functioning of the North-South transport corridor and the removal of obstacles in this regard were among the most important issues, discussed at the meetings.