Turkmenistan and Hungary at the governmental level defined partnership directions

Turkmenistan and Hungary at the governmental level defined partnership directions

On January 21 in Budapest the 4th session of the Turkmen-Hungarian joint intergovernmental commission for economic cooperation was held. For participation in the session besides members of the joint intergovernmental commission – representatives the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, financial departments, commerce and industry chambers, state institutions which are responsible for foreign economic relations and export advancement, development of innovations and technologies, industries of health and others, representatives of the companies of both countries were invited.

The forum was chaired by the Minister of Finance and Economy Batyr Bazarov from Turkmen side and from Hungary – Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s State Secretary for Information and the International Representation of Hungary Tamás Menczer.

The general review of development of economy and bilateral trade and economic relations, issues of interaction were included in the agenda of the business meeting in such areas as, digitalization, industry, transport and communications, building and infrastructure.

Power energy became key subjects of discussion and in this aspect the project of the Trans Caspian gas pipeline as a possible route of transportation of Turkmen gas to Europe was considered. Gas chemistry and manufacture of polymers in Turkmenistan were also discussed.

Tourism and ecology, agriculture and processing branches where importance of exchange of experience in the area of introduction of new technologies and technologies was underlined, did not escape attention either. Among other actual directions of cooperation the banking sphere and joint projects in the humanitarian sphere representatives of which also made a part of delegations were outlined.

The special attention was given to cooperation in sectors of textile industry and carpet making, manufactures of foodstuff, water resources managements, and pharmaceutics, social and labour spheres.

A separate point was added for partnership in the field of culture and sports, science and education. As was marked at the forum, only last year by the Turkmen ministries for study 33 students were sent to Hungary for the specialities claimed in Turkmenistan.

Following the results of the session of the commission a number of bilateral documents, including the memorandum of mutual understanding on the academic cooperation between Turkmen agricultural university and Szent István University were signed; Agreement on cooperation in accreditation between the Hungarian National Accreditation Authority and “Turkmenstandarty” Main Public Service was concluded.

The day before, within the framework of the joint commission the Turkmen-Hungarian business forum in which work tens of Turkmen and Hungarian businessmen took part, was held and also bilateral meetings between representatives of the Hungarian companies with members of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan were organized.

On the margins of this forum the large Turkmen companies specialising in poultry farming, – Nurly meydan and Gus toplumy – entered into agreements with the leading Hungarian manufacturer in this sphere Aviagen Kft.