Turkmenistan and Afghanistan discuss cooperation in the water management sphere

Turkmenistan and Afghanistan discuss cooperation in the water management sphere

The 3rd meeting of the Coordination Commission on Water Management Issues between Turkmenistan and Afghanistan, where current issues related to the development and strengthening of trans-border cooperation on water issues between two countries have been considered is held in Ashgabat

Among other topics, during negotiations, the sides exchanged views on the use of waters of the Amu Darya River – the “road of life” and the source of wealth for more than 25 million people living in its lower basin.

River water is mainly used for irrigation of agricultural crops. However, a number of anthropogenic factors have a negative effect on the water supply of the irrigation source, including floods in spring and water deficit in the summer season.

In order to maintain the natural regulation of water supply, the countries located around the Amu Darya basin regularly hold consultations and meetings to discuss the issues of rational water use and the implementation of specific water management measures. For example, the use of new reservoirs that regulate seasonal variable water flow and provide sufficient volumes of water for drinking and irrigation purposes in the summer and autumn periods.

Currently, the modernization of drainage systems on irrigated agriculture and increasing the efficiency of irrigation of farmlands by improving water management within farms, which helps to save a significant volume of water are continued in Turkmenistan. The filling of the Altyn Asyr artificial lake with waste waters discharged from all regions of the country that pass natural filtration process as move via the Karakum desert is underway. The functioning of this large-scale hydro technical fasility would have a positive impact on the water situation of whole Central Asian region.