Turkmenistan adopts temporary procedure on holding sports events

Turkmenistan adopts temporary procedure on holding sports events

Amid difficult epidemiological situation in the region and in the world, Turkmenistan will hold sports events, seminars, trainings and practice sessions in accordance with the new temporary order. The innovations in Turkmen sports are aimed to comply with the regulations on prevention of acute infectious diseases.

ORIENT decided to share with readers the basic rules that athletes, coaches and other participants of sports events should follow.

First of all, in sports facilities (indoor halls and premises), the daily use of yuzarlik is necessary, as its useful properties are described in detail in multivolume encyclopedic work of President Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedov “Medicinal plants of Turkmenistan”.

Participants of sports seminars, trainings and practice sessions should wear protective medical masks, except during training.

At the entrances to sports facilities and grounds, spots should be organized for disinfecting hands with antiseptic agents and observing the personal hygiene rules. A special medical person who will be in charge with application of oxolinic ointment to the nasal cavity, disinfection the hands with sanitizers and measuring the body temperature from a distance, should stay there.

To ensure a safe, social distance of at least two meters, athletes training in two shifts are recommended to move to three shifts. In gyms with a large number of athletes, it is necessary to provide a dividing into two groups, while each athlete should have an area not be less than 5 m2.

In addition, sports equipment in training halls should be placed at a distance of at least 2 meters from each other.

Athletes, coaches and specialists participating of sports competitions should submit health certificates, including tests for acute infectious diseases. And the entrance for spectators during sporting events will be limited.

Moreover, business travels of sports events’ participants from Ashgabat to the regions and from regions to the capital, as well as trips from one region to another, are allowed under presence of health certificate.