Turkmen youth will receive help to adapt to the labor market

Turkmen youth will receive help to adapt to the labor market

The transition to a market economy is a rather complicated process. The development of the private sector, the financial support of enterprises solely through their own or attracted funds, the optimization of production and other processes associated with market relations entail the creation of an appropriate labor market.

In such conditions, one of the important tasks of the state is to assist various social and age groups of the population in adapting to the requirements of this market. Given this, the Government of Turkmenistan has prepared a Program for the adaptation of young people to the labor market and the improvement of their employment. This document, as well as the implementation plan for the program, were approved at a meeting of the Turkmen government and signed by President Berdimuhamedov on Friday, June 14.

As part of their implementation, it is envisaged to analyze and identify the needs of various sectors of the Turkmen economy in relation to specialized specialists.

Further steps: creating conditions for raising the professional qualifications of young people, stimulating their material interest in working in rural areas, creating conditions for realizing the potential and initiative of young specialists, etc.

Local experts believe that the implementation of this program will significantly increase the competitive potential of young people on the labor market.