Turkmen toy on Tatar Sabantuy

Turkmen toy on Tatar Sabantuy

The capital of Tatarstan hosted a big celebration in honor of the national holiday Sabantuy. The festive events were attended by cultural workers and artists of Turkmenistan, who arrived in Kazan with an extensive program.

The main venue of folk festivals is located in the Kazan settlement of Mirny, which was visited after the bilateral talks by the presidents of Turkmenistan and Tatarstan, high-ranking leaders of the Republic, foreign ambassadors, many capital residents and tourists.

The Turkmen delegates decorated this festival of traditions with national customs in culture, the way of people’s life – they brought practically everything that is needed for Turkmen toy. They put together an elegant yurt, laid out carpets, invited musicians, laid out “treasures” in the form of ethnic jewelry, prepared treats and called everyone to the … wedding.

The folklore group played the sketches of the arrival of the bride in the groom’s house and showed some other rites from the richest wedding ceremony at the Turkmen.

The participants of the performance in colorful Turkmen costumes were then just like hot cakes for selfies with the audience. That is how flowery Turkmen toy was hosted on the bright Tatar Sabantui.

Even the goresh-palvans were taken with them to Kazan. They are needed for the sharpness of the spectacle, their fights give expression to what is happening, organize violent emotions and cause admiration of the strong men. It seemed like only horses were missing from the Turkmen toy, Ahal-Teke ones. Although the horses did come, but on another site of Sabantuy, at the Kazan hippodrome, where representatives of the Ahal-Teke breed took part in the races.