Turkmen team prepares for the Winter Sports Games “Children of Asia”

Turkmen team prepares for the Winter Sports Games “Children of Asia”


A team of Turkmenistan is preparing for a major international tournament – the First Winter International Sports Games “Children of Asia” to be held from 8 to 17 February in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

The competition will gather about 1500 athletes from 25 countries who will compete in 8 kinds of sports, such as: biathlon, skiing, ski race, ski jumping, snowboard, short track, figure skating and hockey.

Turkmenistan will be represented in the last two kinds of sports. The national junior team will compete in hockey, and talented athletes Ayna Ekeyeva and Larisa Vakhitova will perform in figure skating.

ORIENT visited one of their training sessions at the Ashgabat multi-sport complex, where talked with talented young figure skater Ayna Ekeyeva and her coach Karina Movsesyan.

Now they carefully work on exhibition figure-skating performance, focusing on complex technical elements.

Getting in the skating-rink, you could hear the coach giving instructions to her ward, who performes various jumps on the ice.

“She is a great fellow!”, Karina Movsesyan starts the conversation. “In a few years of figure skating, Ayna not only improved her technical skills, but also learned how to choose compositions for short and free-style programs with suitable music for each performance,” she continues.

A well-known Russian coach Elena Chaykovskaya noticed good skating, good speed and technique of a promsing figure skater during the traning session of the Turkmen team in her Figure Skating Center in 2015. As Ayna told, during the two-month training session with an outstanding specialist she learned new artistic steps and spins, as well as improved the performance of jumps.

During the “Children of Asia”, her debut international tournament, the figure skater will have two performances: one is lyrical, while the other – more rhythmic. The most important thing for the figure skater during performance is to keep on the ice on proper manner, to demonstrate clear skating, etc. Young Ayna will try to perform it all. After all, she is a fan of young famous figure skaters Evgenia Medvedeva, Alina Zagitova, Sofia Samodurova – the whole world is admired of their skating skills.

Trainings of the famous Russian coach Vladimir Zakharov, who recently visited the capital, became a kind of preparation for these competitions.
In addition to practical recommendations on skating skills, the specialist trained the skaters new exercises in general physical training.

Earlier, the famous legend of world sports Irina Rodnina conducted the classes with Turkmen figure skaters.

“The performance of our girls at the “Children of Asia” Games will attract the attention of the public and foreign experts to figure skating in Turkmenistan, where talented athletes, who can bring up a whole generation of champions in the future, are trained,” the coach of Ayna said.