Turkmen taekwondo fighters will compete for the World Cup in Minsk

Turkmen taekwondo fighters will compete for the World Cup in Minsk

Expressions “kyokushin kaikan”, “shotokan”, “tai chi”, “sanda” and many others, exciting with exoticism just a couple of decades ago, are now ordinary words denoting standard sports events which anyone can join.

Among these there was once such martial art as taekwondo. But having appeared in Turkmenistan in the 90s of the last century, this martial art of the East immediately gained popularity. And thanks to the efforts of such enthusiasts as a presently international class instructor, Honored Trainer of Turkmenistan Aydogdy Atabatev, it began to develop rapidly.

Today, he and his students from the National Taekwondo Team of Turkmenistan (ITF version) flew to Minsk, where the 6th CIS Open Cup – the World Cup – will be held from November 27 to December 2.

Competition is expected to be challenging, since, according to preliminary data, more than a thousand strongest fighters have gathered in the capital city of Belarus. But Master Aydogdy Atabayev, who is at the founder of the Turkmen taekwondo school (ITF), believes that the preparatory period for the international tournament went well, the guys acquired a good shape and are eager for a “fight”.

So my students should return home with medals this time, he says.

The Turkmen team includes International Master of Sports Gaygysyz Atabayev, who recently has headed the country’s Taekwondo Federation, Absolute Asian Champion of the 6th South Asian Open Championship in Nepal Annamurat Goshaniyazov, a bronze medalist of the World Championship in Bulgaria and orhers.

But there are debutants to perform at such a prestigious competition. So it will be the first performance of young but promising Abdylla Rejepov in the national team.

By the way, Aydogdy Atabayev has recently participated in a meeting of the Executive Committee of the Asian Taekwondo Federation members, where organizational issues were discussed related to holding the Asian Championship in Beijing on August 13-20, 2020, where the National Team of Turkmenistan is also to be represented.

Taekwondo (ITF) has gained popularity in Turkmenistan not only at sports venues: often followers of this martial art take part in the filming of video clips, videos and even feature films.

The following is a fragment from the short film Gift.

And we will find out in the coming days if Master A. Atabayev right in predicting the successful performance of his students.

Aleksandr BAYRIYEV