Turkmen students harvest Belarusian apples

Turkmen students harvest Belarusian apples

For the first time in Belarus, foreign students were gone to autumn agricultural work, and students from Turkmenistan who study in Vitebsk went to pick apples in the city of Tolochin, the media reports.

Guys and girls from Turkmenistan are picking apples in the garden of the Tolochin cannery. Accommodation conditions for foreign students and their leisure are checked by the Citizenship and Migration Department of the Tolochinsky District Department of Internal Affairs.

Each student should harvest 600 kg of apples daily. As a rule, the young people go ahead of schedule – on average, the team picks more than 40 tons of apples per day.

The students say that such “physical training” is better than any gym! Another advantage is that they have become a real team, no matter how many apples have been gathered in a container … And there is something that students do not count at all – it is the rest of days till the end of the work shift.