Turkmen student is a Youth Peace Prize winner

Turkmen student is a Youth Peace Prize winner

Shukurgeldy Myradov, a student from Turkmenistan, took part in discussion platforms held as part of the South Korean project PyeongChang Peace Forum in Pyeongchang. As the main agenda of the forum included discussions on protection and promotion of peace among youth in the context of the UN, Shukurgeldy proposed his own view aimed at the development of peacekeeping tasks.

The young man’s initiatives found support across the globe. Having received the Youth Peace Prize Grand Prix by the majority of votes, the citizen of Turkmenistan was awarded 2 million South Korean won to implement his ideas, as well as he was invited for training to improve skills in the field of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and human rights.

“I am an 11th grade student of the school in Ashgabat, and combine my studies with volunteer activities,” Shukurgeldy says. “I have already accumulated sufficient leadership experience. As a graduate of the Preventive Diplomacy Academy Academy and the Focal Point in Charge of Y-PEER youth project, I am fluent in five languages. And in the future I dream of becoming a student and studying international relations.”

The activist and great enthusiast Shukurgeldy has been representing Turkmenistan at many foreign events. At 17, he had the chance to become the Y-PEER volunteer https://orient.tm/ashhabadskie-volontery-byt-dobrovolcem-znachit-delat-mir-luchshe/, after which he had changed his life. The young man had clear goals and plans for the further development of leadership skills.

“The topic of peace landscape, participation of youth in it and development of intercultural communication were very close to me and, I think, this was one of the reasons for my victory. Besides, the experience gained in the capacity development program ELSAH (Empower Leadership for SDGs and Human Rights) allowed me to clearly frame my message, approaching the task through the prism of the SDGs.”

Despite the epidemiological situation in the world, the South Korean PyeongChang Peace Forum gathered a huge number of guests. It was a hybrid event combining an offline venue for those from South Korea who were invited to Pyeongchang, and online channels for participants who joined the forum from abroad.

“Taking part in the competition, I shared my view of the world and outlined 10 full-fledged ideas-solutions, using both creative approach and inclusive methods, taking into account all youth groups, including children with disabilities,” says Shukurgeldy Myradov. “Also I successfully passed the interview, answering all the questions of the jury on the air. The victory was a pleasant surprise for me, I have not yet decided which of my ideas I will spend the money prize on, but I know for sure that I will consult with my teachers and coaches, because, in part, it is their victory too.”

It should be noted that in recent years Turkmen youth have become very proactive. Students are engaged in solving social problems , actively participating in the public life of the country and contributing a lot to improve it.