Turkmen student detects an Apple error and receives a cash award

Turkmen student detects an Apple error and receives a cash award

Almaz Seyidov from Turkmenistan, trying to download games to his phone, revealed an iPhone system error, and, having informed the Apple company representatives, received a reward of 25 thousand liras (3,5 thousand dollars), Turkish media reported.

A 22-year-old Seyidov arrived in Turkey about 2 years ago and entered the Faculty of Mathematics at Kastamonu University. During his studies, he became interested in technology and worked to find system errors in Apple programs.

Seyidov had the opportunity to identify systemic errors in their products. Before that, he found an Apple flaw in a friend’s phone, for which he received 250 liras from the company. The guy didn’t stop there and continued his research.

This time, when downloading games, the guy found a system flaw and reported it to the company that was not slow to respond to the young man with a thank-you letter and a reward of cash award.

Meanwhile, Apple will launch a new smartphone release and all of these phones are expected to come in four versions with 5G support.

According to Business Insider portal, the company from Cupertino intends to introduce smartphones iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. In addition, each of models are said to feature a larger size options – with 6.1-inch and a 6.7-inch. All models will receive a more advanced A14 Bionic processor. Today, A13 Bionic processor is used. In addition, new iPhones will also have OLED screens.

Two major models are to be released this fall. But that may change this year because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.