Turkmen scientists talked about the increase in the number of contracts with manufacturers

Turkmen scientists talked about the increase in the number of contracts with manufacturers

Specialists of the Technology Center of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan spoke about the increase in the number of contracts for scientific research concluded with manufacturers of products from local raw materials. Comments of colleagues on this topic were published in the local press by the leading researcher of the Center Ogulsuray Atayeva.

The number of studies increased against the background of the transition of the Academy of Sciences divisions to self-financing. Structural reforms at AST, initiated by President Berdimuhamedov in 2019, led to an expansion of the range of scientific services, the search for new forms of cooperation with enterprises and business.

Most of the contracts in recent years have been concluded in the field of research on the properties of local raw materials in order to develop technologies for its further deep processing. State-owned enterprises and private firms order research from Turkmen scientists, and on the basis of their results, they improve the process of production.

By switching to the use of local raw materials, commodity producers reduce the cost of final products for consumers. Thus, Turkmen firms used the services of the Technology Center to create more cost-effective antibacterial agents based on medicinal plants growing in the country.

Studies have been conducted to increase the shelf life of agricultural products, including milk and fruits. Based on these studies, it is planned to launch the production of new types of baby food in Turkmenistan that meet international quality standards.

The center began to regularly conduct chemical analysis of water and soil for the content of macro- and microelements. Such studies are ordered by agricultural producers to improve the quality of crops grown, as well as to obtain environmental certificates for the production of goods.

A special place is occupied by research in the field of increasing the yield of greenhouse tomatoes. Currently, they are a key export agricultural product of Turkmenistan, therefore, high-quality research in this area is important for increasing the supply of domestic products abroad.

Scientists are also conducting many other laboratory studies, the results of which will be used to launch new and improve existing enterprises for processing agricultural products.

In turn, deep processing is one of those types of entrepreneurial activity that can lead to a significant increase in employment in rural areas. Processing plants are increasing the demand for crop and livestock products, which encourages tenants and owners of greenhouses to hire more people for work.