Turkmen print media was moved out from «a comfort zone»

Turkmen print media was moved out from «a comfort zone»

News about full transition of newspapers and magazines in Turkmenistan into the digital format for someone became unexpectedness, and for someone – a natural decision. Print media lost the audience throughout many decades, yet since then when there was radio and television. With entering into our life the Internet this tendency was accelerated.

All over the world newspapers and magazines are either closed completely, or essentially reduced in circulations. The free newspaper Metro is the largest one in Great Britain with a circulation of 1, 5 million copies. Today this indicator has fallen to 400-500 thousand copies. Such known British editions as The Guardian, Telegraph, Financial Times, Daily Mail, Sunday Times and The Sun are on the verge of disappearance.

Even before the spread of coronavirus in the world the cumulative circulation of Russian newspapers “Izvestia”, “Kommersant”, «Rossiyskaya gazeta», “Vedomosti” and «Nezavisimaya gazeta» made hardly more than one million copies. Thus in 1990 only the “Komsomolka” circulation was equal 18, 3 million. It was only one newspaper’s!
Why it occurs? It is likely all is clear – the Internet and is more convenient, and more operatively. People read news there where it is convenient for them to do it – in applications, social networks, and messengers. Even traditional news sites start to lose today the audience because Internet editions do not keep up with development of technologies, new ways of creation and content distribution.

But there is one more important reason. Heads of print media all over the world worked till now, and some continue to work in so-called to “a comfort zone». This term name the situation when people do not wish to develop and hope that if to keep everything as it is at a given time all problems will disappear by itself.

«Why to think out a new strategy and to change an approach to work? Why to try new tools on the Internet and methods of giving of the information? After all we somehow for decades managed without it all! ». Approximately thoughts sound so in the minds of wise experienced of editors and journalists. But such is a human essence.

Any change is a risk. And people do not like to risk. We like to use the ways checked up by time more. It should be such that if it does not bring profit, let then at least makes no harm.

Transition of print media in Turkmenistan into the online format is a courageous move out from «a comfort zone». It transforms consumption of news in the country and will create possibilities for development which avoided traditional printing mass-media last years.

Workers of Turkmen newspapers and magazines need to apprehend the happened correctly. Digital transformation is not a formal transfer of their former work to the Internet. It is stimulus to action. It is the call to keep pace with the time, to correspond to new formats and tendencies.

Sapar Muradov