Turkmen platform for online olympiads – a promising international project?

Turkmen platform for online olympiads – a promising international project?

The whole world switches on to online mode. The pandemic has accelerated digitization trend, which has been boosted of the colossal amounts recently, while it has been originated much earlier. And all because the online mode is more convenient – you need no a sheaf of paper, a personal presence, it provides for  convenient sorting and the ability to quick search and control.

The Institute of Engineering and Technical and Transport Communications of Turkmenistan launches its own project – a patented Internet platform for conducting open Olympiads. The program has a version for both PC and mobile devices.

A unique project has no analogues in the country – it is completely a new one, developed from the ground up by the teacher of the university Ata Jumakuliyev, the head of the information and training technology department. Hosting and servers are also provided by the local operator. The platform allows to conduct tests, exams, olimpiadss, monitor the scores of students, to rate and form specialized groups for in-depth study of subjects.

The program was developed over four months and passed in laboratory tests. In a real life, the developers tested the project at the annual Open Inter-University Internet Olympiad of Turkmenistan, which has already become the annual one. Intellectual competition in five subjects – computer science, physics, chemistry, theoretical mechanics and ecology – gathered 385 students from 17 universities of the country, including regional higher schools.

15 minutes before the start of the Olympiad, participants receive data from the organizers to enter the system. Then, for two hours, they answer questions. Almost immediately, you can see the results.

Final results are published only after a full test of “honesty” – the participants of the Olympiad are watched by both teachers of their universities and independent observers through video communication. It ensures that no one violates the rules “outside”.

And from the “inside” of the program, this is almost impossible.

“This is a fully developed and finished version. We have a very honest platform – it does not tolerate any interference in the testing process. It is impossible even to close the program and search an answer in a google – the program will immediately block the user.

In December, the author of the program, Ata Jumakuliyev, hopes to expand the platform’s coverage and hold an olympiad among secondary school students.

And who knows, maybe next year the Turkmen platform will unite students from the region of Central Asia or even the CIS?