Turkmen petrol stations to offer ECO-93 ecofriendly gasoline

Turkmen petrol stations to offer ECO-93 ecofriendly gasoline

Citizens of Turkmenistan will now be able to use ECO-93 synthetic gasoline corresponding to the environmental requirements of the Euro-5 standard. As it was announced today during the events dedicated to the opening of a new gas-chemical complex in Ahal province, the 1 liter of such fuel would cost 2 manat (60 cents).

It is a bit expensive than A-95 gasoline with cost of 1 manat 50 tenge per liter. The use of ECO-93 gasoline reduces harmful emissions of sulfur oxide 50 times, nitrogen oxide – 5 times, carbon oxide – 2 times, hydrocarbons – up to 20%. In addition, less carbon deposit is formed on the engine of the machines, which doubles the service life in technical terms.

Results of inspections proved that when using ECO-93 gasoline, the carbon oxide content in the vehicle exhaust gases is 0.03%, while according to current standards it should be no higher than 0.5%. At the same time, no hydrocarbons are discharged to the environment.

The plant that today has been put into operation near Ashgabat will supply the local market with synthetic gasoline, which meets the highest environmental standards, does not contain sulfur compounds and has a very low level of harmful to the environment substances. Gas to gasoline project will allow annual produce 600 thousand tons of “green” gasoline as well as 115 thousand tons of liquefied gas and 12 thousand tons of refined diesel fuel.

It is an only project unlike any other seen in the world. The ambitious world’s first gas-to-gasoline plant project was implemented by the State Concern Turkemngaz with the consortium of companies Kawasaki Heavy Industries, Ltd, Japan, and Rönesans Construction Holding, Turkey, and is based on the well-established TIGAS technology by Haldor Topsoe, Denmark.

According to experts, the launch of this plant sets a new global standard for the effective monetization of gas resources and will become an example for other countries and companies.