Turkmen NGOs initiate international water project

Turkmen NGOs initiate international water project

The combination of efforts of all water consumers based on national and international experience will be the main goal of a series of information seminars and visits initiated by the public association “Yashyl Shokhle” and the public association “Unanch-Vepa” together with their colleagues from Azerbaijan and Georgia.

As the organizers of these seminars told in an interview with ORIENT, in order to create conditions for more active involvement of representatives of public organizations in the implementation of national and regional programs in the field of rational use of natural resources (including environmental issues and climate change), Yashyl Shokhle and Yunanch-Vepa initiated a three-stage project.

At the first stage (December 23-24, 2019), its participants will familiarize themselves with the global and regional agenda in the context of international conventions and mechanisms of cooperation between the state, business and civil society; national environmental legislation and the role of public organizations; national experience in the collection, storage and use of water resources that are formed in the country.

At the second stage (December 27-28, 2019), program participants will visit the water bodies of Georgia, which solve the problems of accumulation and storage of internal runoff. Colleagues from Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkmenistan will hold a round table at which they will exchange national experiences and discuss the role of local communities, public organizations and the private economy in the development of inland water resources.

The final, third stage (January 8–9, 2020) will be devoted to the discussion and development of a common vision of the prospects for cooperation of all parties interested in resolving issues of rational use of water resources in the context of climate change.

The project involves the participation of representatives of state, public and non-profit organizations of Turkmenistan, as well as individuals interested in resolving issues of rational use of resources and climate change.

“There are two ancient proverbs in the treasury of the wisdom of the Turkmen people,” adds Guljamal Nurmukhammedova, the national coordinator of the abovementioned seminars in Turkmenistan. – The first one tells each of us: “Try not to conquer the world, but its knowledge.” The second states that: “You can’t dig a well with a needle!” Perhaps there are people who have objections to this, but no one has yet seen outstanding achievements that would “suddenly appear” without the joint work of people who have all the necessary knowledge and tools.

Knowledge and cooperation should serve as a pillar in solving complex issues of water supply for the population, agriculture and industry of Turkmenistan.

“The population growth, the development of agricultural and industrial production with limited water resources requires an ever wider use of just such an approach to the rational use of water,” Nurmukhammedova emphasized. The situation is complicated by the fact that over 90% of Turkmenistan’s water resources are transboundary, that is, they form on the territory of other states. However, there is a very significant alternative domestic resource. To significantly increase the share of inland water resources in the total water balance of the country, it is necessary to expand the practice of accumulation of runoff, its storage and maximum careful use.