Turkmen musicians conquered the German public

Turkmen musicians conquered the German public

A festival of young artists continues in the German city of Bayreuth, where a large group of Turkmen musicians – a chamber orchestra under the direction of Resul Klychev and a trio of folk music performers, takes part.

During the week since the festival opening, which immediately started its heated creative life, artists from Turkmenistan managed to give a series of concerts as in Bayreuth – the city of Wagner and Liszt, so in nearby cities.

And it is not simple just to hit the taste of the delicate Bavarian public, but to conquer it, cover by the subtle gauze, which contains a combination of talent, intelligence, ambition (in the best sense of this word), a sense of beauty and a sincere desire to share it, and crucially – the tremendous industriousness that allows to do it.

On August 9, this performance had a great success in the town of Fichtelberg, on a picturesque lakeside, where unexpectedly for the resort and beach entourage, quite a solid audience gathered. Few people from the audience knew, that at the concert among the listeners were soloists from the Vienna Philharmonic and the Bayreuth Opera, who highly appreciated the level of Turkmen performers. And this estimate stands high.

And the most important task of Turkmen musicians was to intimately acquaint the German inhabitants with the national culture of Turkmenistan, its traditions and heritage, present day. The photo exhibition on this subject gives some visual presentations, and fascinated visitors listen attentively to the sounding of dutar, gijak and toiduk, as if trying to compare the pictures of modern Turkmenistan, depicted on the frames with the lively speech of ancient folk instruments…

This year the festival is held under the motto “Motherland. Love. Abroad”, wherein it is essentially laid a very simple idea: the way into the world and to the peace gets through love for the native, indigenous. A person who esteems a paternal culture possesses a sense of national dignity and therefore respects the representatives of other cultures, which, as well as he, honor the traditions of his ancestors.

Turkmen musicians participated in a unique international project at the Bayreuth festival. Four collectives: a chamber orchestra from Turkmenistan, an Israeli string orchestra, a Romanian wind quintet and a jazz trio from Germany merged into it.

They set together about a rehearsal of the German composer and violist Rudolf Haken’s works, written specifically for this festival. The author synthesized several genres – jazz, rock, classics.

Haken himself performs works on the electric viola, and his works’ style is called crossover, that is, “crossing” different styles. The name was officially approved not so long ago, entering the list of Grammy music award nominations, annually granted by the USA National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Lo and behold, in the evening of 10 August, this concert took place in Panzerhalle.  Rasul Klychev and his Israeli colleague conducted the joint team. ORIENT will tell about this, or rather, will show in the next photo report.

Concerts of Turkmen musicians in Bayreuth continue. A lot of interesting things are ahead!