Turkmen military personnel to perform at the celebration concert on occasion of the Motherland Defender Day

Turkmen military personnel to perform at the celebration concert on occasion of the Motherland Defender Day


There is a woman in traditional Turkmen bright red dress decorated with silver and semi-precious stones jewelry, at the stage, while all others in military uniform. Looking to the woman playing a role of a mother who tells her son about love for the Motherland, only one who knows the artist very well can say that she is the officer of the Armed Forces of Turkmenistan.

In the Central Officers’ Club in Ashgabat, military personnel of various types of troops, law enforcement agencies and specialized military schools gathered together to hold a dress rehearsal before the big celebration concert in honour of the Motherland Defender Day.

“We could invite professional actors and musicians, but we do not do it on principle”, one of the organizers of the celebration event told in an interview with ORIENT. “Therefore, our concert is the most memorable, live and emotional. Only those who knows how is to serve in the armed forces and who loves this job, can tell it to others as no one else, no matter how an actor talented”.

The director of the concert asks the orchestra to play one of the main melodies of the concert. Straining the ear, he tries to find the missed something behind the word “but”, which should be corrected, so that everything sounds more live and cheer. “Go ahead, orchestra!” he shouted, and gave an advice to a young guitarist, who was unsure of looking at the notes.

Military personnel with various musical skills gathered at the stage. To organize them into a single whole is a difficult, but solvable task. The key to success is an approach in which every talent is a value. Any soldier has his good and poor features, and in order to have harmony at a concert, they are mutually complementary, giving support and help to each other, just like in everyday military service.

The screech of a microphone pierces a hall for a few seconds. It is usual thing for rehearsal. But the director of current concert is an opposite point of view.

“Where was it? Whose microphone was it?” he began to ask, looking displeased at the guys who responsible for the sound. “We are preparing for a live concert here,” the director said demandingly, addressing all those who had gathered. “There is not one or two microphones as playing and singing to a phonogram. Here we have to have nearly hundreds of microphones in a proper working condition throughout the whole event. If such a sound appears at least once during the performance, then the entire artistic value of the concert will be called into question!

Singers followed the stage. Everyone sang about what is familiar to any soldier – patriotism, courage, courage. The lyrics of the songs were featured by video. The content of one of them will be painfully familiar to almost everyone:

Young guy and girl are walking in the park. They talk about something, from time to time confusedly looking at each other. The young man overtakes his companion and, stopping in a couple of steps, jokingly demonstrates a military salute. Though she smiles back, there is confusion and an elusive sadness in her eyes.

Then, at the stage, there is the doctor’s cabinet – medical examination, standard procedures to check eyes, height, and weight. It is clear even without words, what will be in the end. And the song repeats touchingly – it’s time to leave doubts and anxieties in the past, fulfill your duty, grow up, and to return home as a real man…

The soldiers in military uniform come to the stage Energetic music is in the air. The quick and precise movements of military personnel exactly coincide with the rhythm of the melody. Bass – beat, bass – drop, bass – jump, etc.

Despite all the comments that the director makes to the artists during their performances, he invariably encourages them with applause.

“Tomorrow you will create a furor!” he concludes. “But keep on working on mistakes. You should strive for perfection continuously. And you have only one night to reach it!”

The concert prepared by the Turkmen military personnel, including its organizational moments, selected compositions and the stories that will be shown on screen, the one-hour excursion into army life, allowing you to feel its unique spirit, will be broadcast on the Motherland Defender Day, at the evening of January 27, after the Vatan News Program on Turkmen TV. As they say, better see once than hear about it ten times. ORIENT advises to see the celebration concert.