Turkmen media representatives raise awareness on climate change issues

Turkmen media representatives raise awareness on climate change issues

A two-day media workshops “Climate Change and Pastures in Turkmenistan” started at Yyldyz Hotel in Ashgabat. The training was organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection together with the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ) and is aimed to raise the awareness on climate change impacts.

The workshop was attended by experts from Kyrgyzstan – Zoya Kretova, Chief of Division of Meteorology and Climate at Kyrgyz Hydromet, and Azamat Isakov, Director of the CAMP Alatoo Public Foundation, who spoke in detail about what climate change is, what it affects as well as shared views on the way to reduce the impacts of this issue.

The statistics on increase in average temperature and on decrease in precipitation in the Central Asian region as well as several scenarios on climate change and ways to respond were presented.

Gurbangeldi Allaberdiyev, National Focal Point on the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, which Turkmenistan ratified in 1995, provided update on the country’s activities in this field.

The activity of Turkmenistan in this area is regulated by the National Climate Change Strategy, adopted on June 15, 2012. Its main task is not only to counter climate change, but also to adapt the country’s economy to its possible consequences.

Maya Ashirova, Coordinator on Climate Sensitive Land Use for Economic Development of CA Regional Programme at GIZ, emphasized the importance of distribution information on climate change, its social and economic consequences, and the role of the media in this context. She urged journalists to cover more actively these issues and keep in contact with international organizations represented in Turkmenistan.