Turkmen Kushtdepdi and Uzbek Lyazgi – the art of recognizable gesture

Turkmen Kushtdepdi and Uzbek Lyazgi – the art of recognizable gesture

The conference, which was held in the Turkmen-Uzbek house of friendship in Urgench, was devoted to the importance of national traditions in the art of dance.

The forum, held on the sidelines of the festival “Magic of dance”, acquainted the participants not only with the history of Uzbek folk dances, the peculiarities of their choreographic language, but also revealed their similarity with the Turkmen, including the ancient ritual dance kushtdepdi.

– In the art of the Turkmen and Uzbek peoples, there is much common – said the people’s actress of Uzbekistan, choreographer Gavhar Matyakubova, citing as an example the elements of Turkmen kushtdepdi and Uzbek dance lyazgi, which have come down to us from ancient times. They are lively links of the richest heritage of national cultures.

According to her, lyazgi injects with life-giving energy. It begins with the fingers’ movements, then the dancer raises his hands up – to the sun, and down them, as if gifting outward things on earth the received warmth and power.

Kushtdepdi is the “visiting card” of Turkmen culture, and lyazgi – Uzbek. As the Turkmen have no holiday without kushtdepdi, the Uzbeks – without lyazgi.

In an interview with ORIENT, Gavhar Matyakubova shared that in her youth she worked at the Turkmen State Philharmonic named after Mylly Tachmuradov. The father of the people’s actress was from Northern Turkmenistan, where the musical and dance traditions of the Uzbek and Turkmen peoples are deeply intertwined. Therefore, she is at one with the Turkmen culture.