Turkmen judoist – silver medalist of Asian Cup and other news

Turkmen judoist – silver medalist of Asian Cup and other news

Judoist from Turkmenistan Bugul Nuryeva won a silver medal in the weight category up to 48 kg at the Asian Judo Youth Cup which was held in Almaty

The Asian Judo Youth Cup brought together over 200 athletes who competed in 14 weight categories.

Currently, the main team of Turkmenistan participates in the Championship of Asia and Oceania, which runs from April 20 to April 23 in the United Arab Emirates Fujairah.

First match is a rocky start

Turkmenistan’s national hockey team conceded to Chinese Taipei after overtime, with a minimum score of 4: 5. In the course of the meeting, the Turkmen team lost to the opponent with a score of 3:0, but during the third period, bravely withstanding the attacks of the opponent, rushed to the attack, as a result of regular time equalized and transferred the game into overtime.

At the beginning of the extra time, which, as we know, goes till the first scored puck, Taipei, having caught a moment at some point of confusion in the ranks of Turkmen hockey players, immediately hacked the puck, literally snatching the victory from them.

You can say, of course, that one must spoil before spinning, I think that’s the way it is. But you can also praise the players for their resistance to a score of 0:3 and the first point earned, which they won due to the fact that they were able to snatch a draw by the end of regular time.

This meeting was the debut for the team of Bayram Allayarov in the third division of the World Championship.

The competition takes place in the capital of Bulgaria – Sofia and will last until April 28. The national team of Turkmenistan is waiting for matches with athletes from South Africa, Bulgaria, Luxembourg and Turkey.

TMeSF has expanded the list of cyberdisciplines for the Federation Cup

The National Federation of Electronic Sports of Turkmenistan (TMeSF), with the support of the international company Alisports, has increased the number of cyber disciplines for which the Cup will be played.

In addition to the annual Dota2 tournament, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS | GO), Hearthstone and Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) were included in the list of disciplines at the federation championship.

Also, the Cup draw is equal to the national qualifying games for the WESG international e-sports tournament (World Electronic Sports Games) in China.

Representative of Turkmenistan elected to the Executive Committee of the Asian Athletics Association

For the first time in the history of track and field athletics of Turkmenistan, the representative of the national federation Tatyana Stepashina was elected to the Executive Committee of the Asian Athletics Association. This decision was made at the XXIII Congress of the organization, which was held in Doha, the capital of Qatar, before the Asian Championships, where 40 of 45 countries voted for the delegate from Turkmenistan.

Tatiana Stepashina, along with three representatives from China, Laos and East Timor, were the first women of the continent to be admitted to the board of governors.

This opens up great opportunities. First of all, it allows to increase the number of athletes invited to the competitions, – commented the representatives of the national federation.

Currently, five Turkmen athletes are taking part in the Asian Championship, held in Doha. Two of them perform in the race at 100 and 200 meters, two more athletes in the hammer throw and one athlete in the all-around.