Turkmen Goresh wrestler returned from Kazan as world champion

Turkmen Goresh wrestler returned from Kazan as world champion

Goresh, Kuresh, Kurash, Kuryash, Koresh…. – this one of the most popular martial arts is called differently among the Turkic peoples. The exact time of the appearance of this wrestling is not known for certain. But it is the absolute fact that the history of Goresh has more than one hundred years.

Goresh fights have always been an integral part of the holidays and Sunday bazaars. Few could remain indifferent and did not start bouncing and shouting with excitement, cheering on skilled palvans (strong men) trying to put down the opponent.

Subsequently, much later, the belt wrestling tradition stretched to the Eastern Slavs. It is needless to say that, like any sport, Goresh changed over time and absorbed new techniques and tricks, becoming a compulsory element of the combat training of nomads, and an indispensable attribute of folk festivals.

Much was in the history of this kind of ancient wrestling, except for one thing – Goresh never was the cause of separation of the peoples and the occurrence of military conflicts. During the competitions of strong men, the warring parties were reconciled, the irreconcilable disputants came to agreement, and the gloomy faces always lit up with smiles…

Nowadays, Goresh is experiencing a rebirth, and it is gaining popularity every year as an independent and internationally recognized sport. The first world championship in this martial art was held in Tashkent in May 1999, and since that time Goresh wrestlers have been regularly meeting in competitions on various levels around the world.

Recently, a representative delegation of cultural, art and sports figures of Turkmenistan has visited hospitable and sunny Kazan to take part in Sabantuy, the traditional Tatar Holiday. The fights of the Turkmen Goresh wrestlers expectedly attracted the general attention.

Well in parallel. Tatarstan hosted the World Koresh Championship that finished on the day of Sabantuy. 230 athletes from more than 40 countries, including Russia, Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, etc., participated in the championship. There were wrestlers even from some African countries!

Turkmenistan representative Begench Kakalyev did not leave anyone a chance in the weight category of 65 kg, carrying home the highest degree medal and the champion’s title.

The final World Championship fights took place with a huge audience of 35 thousand spectators, who became guests of the largest festival of Tatar culture – Sabantuy Minger – in the village with the same name.