Turkmen folk tunes on the square of Registan

If the famous square of Registan in the heart of Samarkand suddenly turns into the stage for performances of singers and musicians and in front of it there appear rows of seats for spectators, if medieval buildings of three madrasahs – Ulugh Beg, Sher-Dor and Tilya-Kori – suddenly light up with multi-coloured fires of spotlights, and their stone walls which have got used to silence become witnesses amazing dissonance of folk songs of many countries of the world, it means that right now here performances of participants of the International Festival “Sharq Taronalari” is held and its translation from Uzbek means – “Melodies of the East”.

On the first day of the competitive program of the festival the music group “Archabil” represented Turkmenistan and performed both folk songs and musical compositions in original, the style of which is only typical of it.

After performance of two songs to the accompaniment of the gyjak and dutar, tambourine and accordion by the soloist of the group Guvanch Yazmamedov , the turn of the inimitable percussionist Khakberdi Allamuradov who acted with solo dramatized program where the musician showed all his artistry and masterly possession of percussion instruments … had come.

Well and then … However, what for I write about it? Indeed, no words in the world are capable to transfer pleasure from the present, talented music and magic which we feel when we listen to a song going from the heart of the performer.

I suggest you should see a video topic about the performance of the Ashgabat musical group “Archabil” and their contestants on the first competitive day of the Samarkand festival which was recorded by our correspondents. Listen and enjoy!

P.S. And the awarding of the most worthy and talented performers will take place August, 30 and we very much hope that musicians from Turkmenistan will get to the list of winners or prize-winners.

Victor Kardashov