Turkmen exposition – in a multicultural exhibition of “Beijing Peace Garden Museum”

Turkmen exposition – in a multicultural exhibition of “Beijing Peace Garden Museum”

In the Beijing Peace Garden Museum the exhibition devoted to International Museum Day in the framework of which a small Turkmen exposition was also organized, today has completed its work. This action was carried out by the China World Peace Foundation together with the Beijing International Peace Culture Foundation, Beijing People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and other public organizations. Participation in this action was also accepted by the Embassy of Turkmenistan in the People’s Republic of China.

Among the exhibits representing and opening the image of modern Turkmenistan as the country with a rich cultural-historical heritage, great attention of visitors was captured by the books of President Berdimuhamedov «Turkmenistan – heart of the Silk road», «Ahalteke horse – a symbol of pride and happiness», «Turkmen alabay» and also journal periodicals.

An evident illustration of traditions and today of the country became works of art and crafts, carpets, pictures of artists, video- and photographic materials. As addition to the exposition the national food «pishme» without which the Turkmens do not hold any significant action to this day, was served.

One more feature which distinguished the Turkmen “stand” at the exhibition was the banner with an official logo of celebrating of the jubilee date, 25th anniversaries of neutrality of Turkmenistan.

In the performance at the opening ceremony of a complex of the online actions devoted to International Museum Day, in preservation of cultural-historical heritage of various people, Chairman of the Chinese World Peace Foundation Mr Li Ruohong noted the importance of a platform of the Peace Garden for preservation and development of relations between the countries during the pandemic.

Speaking about the Turkmen exposition which took the central place at the exhibition, Mr Li Ruohong expressed admiration of carpets of subtle handwork, Akhalteke horses which are considered as the standard of beauty in the Chinese culture. He also stood for cooperation of two countries in spheres of railway transport, communications, and other possible directions of partnership in the future.

The online collection of presentations and performances on the theme “Museums for equality: variety and involvement” became a continuation of the exhibition which also included a video message of Turkmen ambassador Parakhat Durdyev. In his speech the diplomat told about what kind of a huge work is carried out in Turkmenistan with a view of cultural heritage preservation and how the organization of museum business in the country which includes research and educational tasks, is modernized. The ambassador noted unique museums, open-air archaeological complexes which have become objects of protection in the UNESCO List of the World Heritage and also natural reserves of Turkmenistan.

The special attention of the cyber-audience was drawn to the forthcoming festivals in connection with the 25th anniversary of neutrality of Turkmenistan which will be held in Ashgabat on December 11-12, having invited all to take direct part in celebrations and in practice to learn hospitality and kindliness of Turkmen people, how much the country is attached to the international peace-making obligations within the limits of the given status.

According to organizers of the exhibition in the Peace Garden Museum a series of actions held there at the present difficult situation of the global pandemic will be accessible to millions of spectators in social networks, the Chinese and international mass-media and will bring a worthy contribution to the friendship and solidarity strengthening between peoples, not only at the time of serious challenges to the world community, but also during the usual time.

At the request of the Peace Garden Museum, books by the President of Turkmenistan and other literature, publicist works depicting the essence of Turkmen originality, history and modern development of the country were handed over to its library.