Turkmen environmental activists to meet with Georgian colleagues

Turkmen environmental activists to meet with Georgian colleagues

Representatives of the Turkmen civil society will travel to Tbilisi from February 2 to 7 to study foreign experience of partnership work of the public, private and business sectors in the field of ecology and water use.

The visit will be organized at the invitation of the NGO “National Water Partnership of Georgia” under the second stage of the multi-stage program launched in December last year to build up a human resources and leadership potential to promote interagency and partner dialogue in the sphere of ecology, water resources and climate change.

As earlier reported by ORIENT, this program is implemented by a consortium of the public association “Yashyl Shohle” and the business society “Ynanch-Vepa”.

The program of the trip to Tbilisi includes a number of meetings of Turkmen specialists with representatives of the ministries of environmental protection and agriculture and legislators. In order to establish professional contacts with Georgian colleagues, it is planned to visit the Aarhus center, national and regional environmental organizations, and NGOs that practice innovative formats.

The results of the visit will be summed up at the round table to further develop a common vision of the prospects for cooperation between all stakeholders interested in addressing tasks of rational water resources management in the changing climate regime.

The first leg of the joint initiative of NGO “Yashyl Shohle” and BS “Ynanch-Vepa” was completed on 12 January. The program participants familiarized with such international legal instruments as the World Charter for Nature, the Paris agreement, the Aarhus Convention.

The significance of the initial stage of the program was that during discussions and seminars participants were armed with universal international terminology, learned about the peculiarities of interpretation of an international documents and received comprehensive information about the legal and institutional structure of the environment-protection sector of Turkmenistan.