Turkmen enterprises acquire ecological passports

Turkmen enterprises acquire ecological passports

The Law https://orient.tm/organizacii-turkmenistana-obyazhut-predostavlyat-informaciju-o-vozdejstvii-na-ekologiju/ “On Environmental Information” came into force in Turkmenistan, and in this regard, the issue of obtaining environmental information passports arose for many enterprises. The document is necessary not only to assess the quantity and quality of harmful emissions, identify ways to reduce them, but also for more “transparent” reporting.

An environmental passport is a set of general information about the enterprise, a description of the technical parameters for the development of the main types of products, and the proposed schemes for the treatment of hazardous production wastes.

– Based on the analysis of emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere, for example, from equipment operating on diesel fuel, electricity, etc., an environmental passport is compiled. All necessary factors are taken into account, including natural and climatic ones. Observing the interconnected processes allows us to determine the environmental impact of production,” says Merdan Orazmedov, an employee of the Society for the Protection of Nature of Turkmenistan.

The data of statistical reporting on the use of natural resources, agreed and approved indicators of production and economic activity, as well as a permit for nature management are included in the environmental control document.

Based on this, the norms of maximum permissible emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere are established, and a settlement account is drawn up for the compensation of damage to the environment.

“When a person takes advantage of natural benefits, causing damage to the environment and the environment, he must certainly think about compensation that allows you to restore what has been violated or damaged,” continues Merdan. – The identified production shortcomings allow us to develop a plan of necessary measures to eliminate emissions that are incompatible with environmental concerns. And the money paid goes to purchase additional equipment that can, if not eliminate, then reduce the consequences of the damage. Such equipment includes cleaning filters, waste collection and disposal plants, etc.

The term for compiling an environmental passport of an enterprise can take about two months, depending on the specifics of the production facility.

Turning to the environmental society, the entrepreneur must provide the necessary list of documents, after which the expert commission proceeds with the compilation of an eco-passport. Then, the prepared documents are sent for examination to the Ministry of Agriculture and Environmental Protection of Turkmenistan.

After approval by the Ministry of these securities, a bilateral agreement is concluded on the transfer and access to environmental information of a legal entity and an authorized body. Environmental passport valid for five years.