Turkmen energy “turns green”

Turkmen energy “turns green”

The international exhibition which has been opened today in Ashgabat devoted to development of power industry of Turkmenistan shows a variety of directions and innovations from 129 leading Turkmen and foreign representatives of the branch.

Among the most appreciable trends – increase in the share of “green” energy. A number of exhibitors, among them «Täze energiýa», Economic union «Täze hasyl» and the State Power Energy Institute of Turkmenistan, acquaint with projects in sphere of application of renewed energy sources – wind, sun, and also tides.

The given developments are adapted to Turkmenistan and have essential advantages in use: zero emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere, low cost, simplicity of installation of generators and their operation.

On the sidelines of the exhibition civil-engineering designs across all Turkmenistan new “green” settlements provided with electric power at the expense of hybrid power stations also are presented.

Among exhibits – LED-lamps, lighting panels, building plastic and other harmless production helping users to reduce personal negative influence on the environment.

The exhibition displayed at the Expo-Centre of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Turkmenistan will work till September, 14. On its margins the international conference of experts in the field of power energy will be also held.