Turkmen electricity to support Uzbek consumers over winter season

Turkmen electricity to support Uzbek consumers over winter season

National Electric Networks Company of Uzbekistan had reached an agreement with State Electric Power Corporation (Turkmenenergo) of Turkmenistan, on the import of electricity in 2019-2020, Gazeta.uz website reports.

With onset of frosts in Tashkent and the regions of Uzbekistan power outages frequented. Prime Minister Abdulla Aripov at the government meeting on Thursday said more than 300 times, restrictions were imposed on 144 power transmission lines with a voltage of 110 kV over a period of 1.5 to 5 hours on November 27.

In addition, almost 31,500 cases of illegal use of electricity were detected; the damage is estimated at 22 billion Uzbek som ($2.3 million).

According to the media, National Electric Networks Company of Uzbekistan notes that since December 1, “there will be positive changes in the supply of electricity and the network will sharply reduce restrictions.”

The Ministry of Energy of Uzbekistan announced a day earlier that some consumers were disconnected from the power supply in order to “avoid emergency situations”. Let us hope that Turkmen electricity would help to avoid such emergency measures in a cold winter season.

Turkmenistan is not only one of the main suppliers of natural gas in the region, but also electricity. The country has power plants network equipped with high-performance gas turbines produced by the American General Electric.

Turkmenistan supplied the surplus of generated electricity to the common energy system of Central Asia during the Soviet period. It allowed neighboring states to avoid a shortage of electricity during winter frosts.