Turkmen designer conquers Paris: how a dream led a provincial girl to the world capital of fashion

Turkmen designer conquers Paris: how a dream led a provincial girl to the world capital of fashion

France is considered the trendsetter, and Paris is its world capital. For several years now, the main city of the fashion industry has been conquered by the Turkmen designer Govher Gooverne, who has gone from creating her studio in Ashgabat to Parisian fashion schools.

This is a story about the boundless desire to learn, create and discover new facets of the world and creativity.

“Since my childhood, I was drawn to fashion,” the designer admitted in the interview to the “Novastan” edition. – As long as I can remember, I loved to tinker with fabrics, cut, make something out of it. I am still engaged in embroidery.

After graduating from school, Govher founded her first small sewing workshop in her native Akdepe, in the Dashoguz region. Then she went to the capital, Ashgabat, to go to college. But also receiving a philologist’s specialty, she did not quit her passion, which grew into something more.

… Govher now opened her workshop in Ashgabat. At the same time, she began working as a stylist in the Ashgabat Model House. So began her first steps in the field of design.

Having decided to develop in the business chosen for herself, Govher entered the Formamod school in Paris, where she studied with experienced high fashion masters.

After that, while studying at the Theater Academy in St. Petersburg, Govher discovered the fantastic world of costume for film and theater.

“I’m not afraid to mix my culture and skills acquired in Paris and St. Petersburg with the principles of European fashion,” she said.

After studying in the cultural capital of Russia, Govher returns to Paris to finally settle in the fashion world. The director of Formamod offered her to become a professor at his school. This chance does not fall to everyone, and …

– I immediately refused, because I didn’t speak French perfectly. But he convinced me to at least try, – shared the designer. – At the end of the probationary period, he said he was not going to let me go. And I am madly grateful to him for that. I became much more confident in what I was doing.

When teaching, Govher continued to study. She attended classes on the peculiarities of French fashion, as she was really interested in studying the boundless diversity of this art.

This gave her the opportunity to cooperate with renowned representatives of the industry, including Rabih Kayruz, the founder of the famous Maison Rabih Kayrouz Fashion House.

Govher says about her students, many of whom have also joined the world fashion industry and are already trying themselves on a large catwalk:

– I always urge them to think, to create differently, otherwise. Do not be locked in one register. Once the technique is mastered, you can create and create hundreds of different models. Creativity develops in new experiences, so sometimes you need to get away from the usual, to discover the wonderful world.

Govher Goovern plans to open her own Fashion House, whose collections will be based on a combination of elements from both Turkmen and French culture.