Turkmen chemists synthesized a new antimicrobial drug

Turkmen chemists synthesized a new antimicrobial drug

Scientists of the Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan have synthesized a new antimicrobial infusion – iodomal – based on local raw materials.

The method for obtaining iodomal was developed with the help of the only in Central Asia KAMAZ-based mobile ecological laboratory “Water. Soil. Air”.

– Our scientists obtained iodomal, and as laboratory studies and analyses showed, this compound has disinfecting properties, Institute of Chemistry Director Durdymyrat Gadamov says. – For the manufacture of iodomal, scientists used food starch. Its main feature is that it replaces polyvinyl alcohol, a material being imported into the country.

– We have been earlier using imported polyvinyl alcohol in the production of iodine. But this drug has its drawbacks. It irritates human skin cells. Therefore, we have found a natural compound and synthesized a more harmless agent, – Chary Kuliyev, the Chemistry and Ecology of the Environment Laboratory Head, Candidate of Chemical Sciences, tells. – Its name comes from the combination of the words “iodine” and “starch” (krahmal).

As Chary Kuliyev specifies, the high-molecular starch was obtained by dissolution. The starch in iodomal mainly slows down the removal of iodine, helps maintain its content in the skin cells and reduces irritation.

– Now iodomal is at the patenting stage, and if this case is approved and we get a patent, then we will naturally consider the practical aspects of industrial development and supplying it to the consumer, – the laboratory head added.

Studies conducted by the Public Health and Nutrition Center of the State Sanitary and Epidemiological Service of Turkmenistan have shown that iodomal has properties identical to those of traditional and familiar to many iodine, but significantly improved.

Turkmenistan is among the top three in the production of iodine. The patented developments of the AST Institute of Chemistry are being successfully introduced into production in different sectors of the country. For example, local raw materials were used to produce: caustic soda, coagulant, shoe polish, disinfectants, etc. And the new scientific product is significant for its great economic and medical importance.

photo by Suleiman CHARIYEV