Turkmen chemists held a teleconference with Japanese developers

Turkmen chemists held a teleconference with Japanese developers

The Institute of Chemistry of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan held a teleconference via digital video link with scientists and specialists of the Japanese company, manufacturer of high-tech scientific equipment “Tokyo Boeki”.

Keji Taktgawa, a researcher from Japan, and Vitaliy Tinkov, a specialist of the company, spoke about new laboratory equipment and the advantages of the latest models of electric microscopes and chromatographs.

One of the key topics for discussion was the use of a device with nuclear magnetic resonance to determine the physical and chemical properties and composition of liquid hydrocarbons (oil, fuel oil, resins). This device allows to accurately determine the chemical structure of the studied substance. According to the representatives of the Institute, in the future it is planned to open a regional center for training specialists from other countries on the use of this technology in Turkmenistan.

The Institute of Chemistry also uses electronic microscopes of the “Tokyo Boeki” company, allowing not only to scale the image, but also to take photos and videos.

“With the aid of this electron microscope, we can carry out elemental analysis of a substance and calculate its nanomolecules, for example, cement or powder paint. When mixing them with other substances, it is important not to exceed the legal limits, otherwise the surface will not be smooth,” told the researcher of the Institute Agamergen Nurmuhammedov.

When using quartz sand in the glass industry, the iron oxide content should be minimal. This requires the elemental analysis of substances, carried out by means of electronic microscope.