Turkmen bazaars – the main attraction of the Iranian Bandar-Torkaman

Turkmen bazaars – the main attraction of the Iranian Bandar-Torkaman

Northern Iran’s Bandar Torkaman city in Golestan province attracts domestic and foreign visitors with its tent bazaars where the city’s Turkmen population sell their traditional foods and handmade items, the Turkish Daily Sabah writes.

The Turkmen Diaspora makes up the majority of the population of Bandar Torkaman, while handicrafts and folk crafts are one of the main directions of economic activity of the seaside town. According to archaeological evidence, the first Turkmen settlements appeared in northern Iran during the Seljuk era.

Fair stalls are full of abundance of all kinds of goods, which are carpets and rugs, felts, mats, demonstrating the identity of the carpet weaving traditions of the Turkmen people, women’s headscarves, which are called “yaylik”, variety of national women’s and men’s clothing, souvenirs, and talismans, and much more.

As noted by traders, the demand for this exquisite product range, created by skilled Turkmen craftsmen and craftswomen, does not decline even despite the economic difficulties.

Bandar Torkaman, which means “Turkmen Harbor” in Farsi, was once considered one of the most important port cities located on the historical Silk road.

But, over time, the city lost its port importance due to the decrease in the water level in the Caspian sea, and its economy was reoriented to carpet making, crafts, agriculture, fishing and tourism.