Turkmen athletes undergo a practice-training session in Japan

Turkmen athletes undergo a practice-training session in Japan

The Japanese city of Tendo hosts Turkmen athletes and judo wrestlers in training camps, where athletes of Turkmenistan will have to adapt to the climate of the Land of the Rising Sun and undergo intensive training for the 32th Summer Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo in 2020.

For ten days, they will actively train in a special center for Turkmen athletes preparing for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. An agreement on the establishment of a training center for the Turkmen national team was signed between the Ministry of Sport and Youth Policy of Turkmenistan and the Tendo City Hall this year in March.

For track-and-field athletes a practice-training session in Japan will be an opportunity to prepare for the World Championship to take place in Doha in September this year.

As part of preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Games, Turkmen athletes will be provided with housing in the immediate vicinity of the training venues, high-quality nutrition, medicines and healthcare services.

A practice-training session will last until July 18.