Turkmen athletes are to attend the 2020 Paralympic Games

Turkmen athletes are to attend the 2020 Paralympic Games

The 16th Summer Paralympic Games 2020 in Tokyo will be held with the participation of Turkmen athletes. Powerlifters Sergei Meladze and Mayagozel Ekeyeva are preparing for the last qualifying round of the largest sports competitions.

The International Masters of Sports of Turkmenistan have successfully passed three qualifications – two World Championships in 2017 and 2019 and the American Continent Championship in 2018. There is yet another round ahead – any mandatory qualification tournament where athletes need to score the minimum qualification points. They are preparing for this now in Dubai.

Turkmen parapowerlifters are the first contenders for direct Tokyo 2020 quotas.

Other athletes will have a difficult series of qualification tournaments. The contenders for the Tokyo Games include weightlifters and field athletes, swimmers, boxers, judokas and Greco-Roman and free style wrestlers. Members of the National Team of Turkmenistan, who will be represented at the 32nd Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo, will be determined in April.