Turkmen athletes – 7 medals of the Tashkent tournament

Turkmen athletes – 7 medals of the Tashkent tournament

7 medals have been secured by Turkmen sportsmen in the open track and field athletics championship which was completed in Tashkent of Uzbekistan.

In a “hundred-meter race” Alisher Sadullaev had got a gold medal, having overcome a distance for 10, 68 seconds. Valentina Meredova covered the same distance for 12, 06 seconds, having deserved “silver”. And “bronze” medal went to Shakirjan Durdyev in run for 10 000 meters for result 31 minute and 42 seconds.

On the second day of competitions the same Alisher Sadullaev, but already for the distance of 200 meters could distinguish himself, having secured one more “gold “medal.

In hammer throwing Mergen Mammedov became a silver prize-winner – he threw a discus for 69, 26 meters, bronze – Amanmurad Hommadov with result of 66 metres.
A silver award in combined events went to Irina Velihanova.