Turkmen artists to perform at the Theater Festival of Caspian Countries

Turkmen artists to perform at the Theater Festival of Caspian Countries


The State Drama Theater named after Kemine of the Mary Region of Turkmenistan will take part at the Second International Theater Festival of Caspian Countries, which to be held in the city of Aktau on September 13-16.

The festival is aimed to promote international cooperation in the folk theater achievements and to exchange of experience between theater art representatives of the Caspian states.

The creative delegation of Turkmenistan, consisting of 22 people, represented by talented artists and specialists in various special effects and scenery. They will perform to the world theater community some of their best plays.

A large-scale cultural event that to be held at the Mangystau Regional Music and Drama Theater is devoted to the 90th anniversary of People’s Artist of Kazakhstan Nurmakhan Zhanturin. The International Theater Festival will gather artists and theater staff from Kazakhstan, Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan and Turkey.

It can be said that the festival has become a traditional and connected the countries of the Caspian region with one more strong thread of friendship and good-neighborliness. At the festival, the talented artists and gifted directors of the plays will show once again the closeness of cultures, views and traditions.

“The Caspian Sea is called sometimes the sea of friendship. This festival is an act of the great friendship of peoples, united by one sea. It is the manifestation of the great creativity that unites our theaters,” said Asanali Ashimov, People’s Artist of the USSR, to whom to the First International Theater Festival of Caspian Courtiers was dedicated.