Turkmen Agricultural University as a platform for discussions

Turkmen Agricultural University as a platform for discussions

Features of growing chlorella in local conditions, its economic benefits, new methods of its breeding and places of application – these were the topics of an online discussion held with the participation of representatives of the Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs of Turkmenistan, scientists and experts of the agricultural industry, teaching staff and students of a number of Turkmen universities.

Previously held offline, today, for the first time, the meeting was held online. The State Energy Institute of Turkmenistan also joined the broadcast.

Mehriban Orazberdieva, Scientific Associate of the Research and Production Center, made a video presentation of the chlorella tubular photobioreactor.

“The ability to see the sublime in rare small enables to reveal the amazing properties of this tiny unicellular alga. It is a good source of nutrients and biologically active substances, chlorella absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen,” says Mehriban.

During the online meeting, the associate acquainted the participants about the principle of the tubular photobioreactor, waste-free industrial technology; she also noted the health benefits of chlorella for humans, its use in cattle breeding, poultry farming and increasing of fertility productivity as dietary supplement as well as in cosmetics and biofuel production.

During the meeting, experts and participants actively discussed and exchanged views. The main topic of discussions was the most efficient way to grow chlorella – in a tubular photobioreactor or some other. Proposals on cultivation of unicellular algae that both cost-effective and science-based were presented.

Next week, the cultivation of soya beans, one of the oldest agricultural crops, will be discussed. It is widely used in the agriculture; it is a good source of protein in mixed fodder. The soya beans are used in poultry and livestock sector as well as in the production of other foods.

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photo by Meretdurdy ROZIYEV