Turkey has announced the international research competition «Korkut Ata»

Turkey has announced the international research competition «Korkut Ata»

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey with assistance of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK), announced organization of the research project-competition «Korkut Ata».

Janan Shimshek, a representative of the Erzurum Department of Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of Turkey, in conversation with the ORIENT, explained that the competition subject is connected with the life and activity of the legendary wise man and spiritual mentor of all Turkic peoples.

She added that popularisation of the role of Korkut Ata in the Turkic world and assistance to study his heritage is the main goal of the competition, in participation of which all interested persons, including those from Turkmenistan are invited.

Janan Shimshek, having pointed out to the commonality of historical roots and traditions of the two fraternal peoples – Turkmen and Turkish, noted that science, culture and art take an important place in cooperation of our countries and also invited the site ORIENT to promote the organisation and attraction of interested persons to the given competition.

As organizers tell, within the framework of the competition of research projects senior pupils and lycées of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey, under the direction of the professor – the teaching staff of the Vocational and Technical Anadolu Lycee Erzurum Yakutiye, including the teacher of information technology Ozkan Yetkin in consultation with Hayrunnisa Jellat prepare for the project under the title «Gorkut Ata from fatherland to motherland» («Ata Yurt Ana Yurda Dedem Korkut»).

We offer an electronic application form for participants of the competition which, after filling, the ORIENT will submit to organizers of the project.


The general heritage of the Turkic world – the epos «Korkut Ata» in March of the last year was included in the UNESCO List of World Intangible Cultural Heritage.

In 2015 it was 200 years since in the fund of ancient manuscripts of the German city Dresden shabby manuscripts of the dastan «Kitaby dädem Gorkut» have been found, – books which were included subsequently into the gold fund of world culture and became known under the title the epos of «Korkut ata».

In this legend which throughout centuries has drawn the attention of the world scientific community and translated into tens languages of the world, valuable historical data on the vital way ancient Oghuz Turkmens , their culture, customs, traditions, and the inner world are reflected.