Turkey celebrates 97th anniversary of victory

Turkey celebrates 97th anniversary of victory

Today, Turkey is in the colors of the national flag. So the country is decorated in honor of Victory Day (Zafer bayramı) and the 97th anniversary of the liberation. It was from this day in 1922 that the history of the independent Republic of Turkey began.

On this day the government declared a day off, festive processions are organized at the mausoleum and the house-museum of the national hero Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Ankara, lay wreaths.

For one day, for all residents of Istanbul, public transport becomes free. Military parades take place on the central streets of both capitals during the day, and in the evenings there are concerts by Turkish pop stars.

In Ashgabat, the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey also organized a dinner party in honor of the national holiday. The meeting was attended by representatives of diplomatic missions, government departments and the media..

Turkey is one of the important trade and economic partners of Turkmenistan. Çalik Holding, Polimeks Inşaat, Rönesans, Cotam Enterprises are important players in the market of Turkmenistan. Bilateral cooperation is also developing in the cultural and scientific fields.