Training “Savings”, or If you want to get rich

Training “Savings”, or If you want to get rich

On November 14, a training on Savings was held at the State Development Bank of Turkmenistan, conducted by the Sparkassenstiftung (SBFIC) Fund of Savings Banks for International Cooperation.

The participants were 25 students of a specialized banking school in the city of Ashgabat.

– The game Savings is an interactive training for those wishing to learn how to successfully manage the family budget and increase their savings, Ayna Agaliyeva says.

As in any game, the participants are divided into teams where everyone has their own role – mother and father, brother and sister, grandparents.
– Having formed a “family” and learnt their roles, the game participants go through certain stages of life such as growing up, attending a school, getting married, caring for a child and being senior family members.

Members of the family have purely their own interests, and the task of each of them is to determine what has to be done to achieve their goals. The simulation purpose is to achieve the highest quality living standard by overcoming obstacles not interfering with the interests and not destroying the plans of their close “relatives”.

Thus, using interactive aids and practical skills, the participants have an opportunity to learn how to properly manage their budget and accumulate family financial assets.

– In this game, the team that can improve the quality of life better than others wins. For example, if their goal is to buy a car, then when they get what they want, their quality of life will increase by 30%. But if they could save money enough to buy a house, then this figure will double. That is, the more ambitious their desires, the higher chances they will have to enhance the comfort level of their family.

With the help of a role play, its participants will improve their financial literacy, which is very important in the modern world. Moreover, during training, professional coaches, in this case employees of the Central Bank of Turkmenistan, having told about inflation, security and liquidity, have analyzed the importance of the family and personal budget.

– We hope that thanks to the Savings game, each participant in the intellectual competition will apply their knowledge in everyday life in the future.

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Sparkassen was first introduced in Germany about 200 years ago as microenterprises for the poor. Since then, they have turned into one of the largest financial groups in the world, and this success was achieved through a combination of high professionalism with a strong social mandate.