Training on vocational guidance of youth with disabilities was organized in Ashgabat

Training on vocational guidance of youth with disabilities was organized in Ashgabat

«Ýeňme» (“Overcoming”) NGO holds a three-day inclusive seminar on professional self-determination for a vulnerable group of young people, including children with disabilities.

The younger generation has a serious choice ahead of them. Someone today, and someone in a few years will have to decide on the future profession, set a goal in life and achieve it by all means. So that additional knowledge about how not to make a lot of blunders and realize their dreams, will be useful.

During the three days at the «Ýeňme» training center, young people – both ordinary teenagers and young people with disabilities – will get acquainted with the tools of professional development, learn to set goals, find tools and ways to achieve them.

A dream that they want to realize lives in the soul of each of them. In a confidential conversation with the center’s coaches, the children share innermost and seem to glow. Someone dreams of traveling, another one specifically wants to become a masseur and help other people to feel better. And the third dreams to leave his wheelchair and learn to walk.

So different, they exchange sincere in their desire to help advice, “You can do for it this…”. Coaches keep out of the planning process. The main thing for them is to teach children to set a clear goal and develop a way to achieve it. But they have to go through it themselves.

Leyla Bahshalieva, who currently studies cutting and sewing at the Youth Professional Development Center for children with disabilities, wants to become a professional dressmaker.

– I always enjoy sewing something. Recently I’ve learned how to cut the details of clothing, make pockets. Next in turn – collars, – she told. – It remains only to buy a sewing machine home.

The machine seems to start everything, and maybe the world will be blown up by a new designer. Leyli’s journey has already begun with determination of the goal. And if you want something very much, it will come true by all means.

The seminar will end on August 8. But work with youth will never end. There are many other inclusive events, workshops on computer literacy, cutting and sewing in the Youth Center, seminars, fairs ahead, and, of course, a lot of work.

Confucius said, “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”. Just enjoy what you love.