Today in the world: Britain undertakes to pull apart the United States and Iran, and there will be a battle for Istanbul in Turkey

Britain undertakes to reduce the tension between the United States and Iran

British Deputy Foreign Minister for the Middle East Andrew Murrison is to visit Iran on June 23. During the talks, the UK representative will call on Tehran to urgently de-escalate the situation in the region. and will express concerns in Great Britain and among the international community about the current regional behavior of Iran and its threats to stop adhering to the nuclear deal, the British foreign department’s press office reports.

In view of the congeniality of Britain and the United States, Tehran is unlikely to listen to London, but all means are good in the current situation. Now everything that can prevent the conflict is welcomed.

Protesters in Tbilisi make new demands

Against the background of the protests in Tbilisi, President of Russia Vladimir Putin signed the Decree on suspension of air links with Georgia as of July 8. Tour operators and agents are advised not to sell trip vouchers to Georgia for Russians. Dmitriy Peskov, Press-Secretary of the Russian President, said: “The situation in Georgia must normalize and the slightest threat to our citizens must completely disappear before this decision can be revised by the President”.

On Friday, a protest outside the parliament building in the Georgian capital city was different from the demonstration that tool place the day before: young people gathered at the square, the demonstration was quiet, and along with anti-Russian slogans, demands were advanced for the resignation of Interior Minister Georgy Gakharia and early parliamentary elections. The protesters opposed the actions of the police, which on Thursday used rubber bullets and tear gas to disrupt people. According to the Georgian Ministry of Health, 240 people were injured. Due to mass protests, Georgian parliament speaker Irakli Kobakhidze resigned.

There will be a battle for Istanbul in Turkey

Then Istanbul Mayor re-election campaign will take place in Tukey on Sunday. Binali Yıldırım, nominated by the ruling Justice and Development Party, and opposition candidate Ekrem Imamoglu will compete again for the right to govern the most important city in the country. At the past Istanbul Mayor re-election campaign in March Binali Yıldırım lost the election to his opponent, however, the ruling party challenged the results, reporting violations, and made holding of repeat elections.

It is extremely important for President Erdogan who gets the keys to Istanbul. Once he himself began his great political career from a service on this post. The defeat of a ruling party candidate, if this happens, will result in a great reputational loss for the President Erdogan.

It is expected that the Istanbul Mayor elections will be held under the scrutiny of the international community, above all, the European Union. Brussels criticized the Turkish CEC decision, declaring that the voting results cancellation and repeat elections holding contradicts the idea of a democratic election process.

Climate Protection Activists: “Dinosaurs also thought …”

As part of the action “Friday for the Future”, the youth again demanded from politicians and business people to take effective measures to protect the climate. There was a mass procession in the German city of Aachen. “Wake up!”, “Dinosaurs also thought that they had time!”, the inscriptions on banners read.

The action participant says, “I am a worker. I used to be a steel worker, I worked in the chemical industry. Everyone needs to make money. But everyone should have an opportunity to breathe fresh air and eat healthy food. That is what I am here for”.

About 20 thousand students from 15 countries of the world took part in the demonstration. The presence of a significant number of law enforcement officers was noted in the city, however, no serious incidents were reported.

Macron handed the Order of the Legion of Honor o Elton John

President Emmanuel Macron awarded the Legion of Honor – French highest order – to British musician Elton John. They went into the courtyard in front of the Elysian Palace, where the Order was attached to the jacket of Elton John.

“I have a very big intimacy with France. I have a house here, and I have always liked to come here. I love the French culture, lifestyle and people. And since I am a musician, this award on the day of a music festival makes it even more special for me”, the musician said.

In turn, the President of France welcomed the singer as “an icon that knows how to set an example”. Macron said that he awarded a person who created the unique fund, having gathered 450 million euros to fight AIDS. Macron also appealed for fighting AIDS, further funding research and treatment in this field in order to be able to help everyone.

First music broadcast over atomic radio – awaiting atomic TV

American physicists created atomic radio. Scientists reported that a stereo composition was transmitted by means of amplitude modulation for the first time in the history of radio. A guitar composition was broadcasted over atomic radio. It was reported that the sound was transmitted well, although there was a slight noise resembling a vinyl crackle.

The idea of creating an atomic radio came up in 2014, when physicists under the direction of Christopher Holloway decided that sensitive electromagnetic radiation receivers could be made on the basis of Rydberg atoms.

Rydberg atoms are particles with the energy saturated electrons around them, due to which they can react to an electric field. Logically, now it is time to wait for the emergence of an atomic television.