To wake up «a sleeping lion» by the Turkmen electric power

To wake up «a sleeping lion» by the Turkmen electric power

Despite all reversals of fortune, the economy of Afghanistan is hypothetically called “a lion” but which is in a deep dormant condition. The all-powerful Allah has presented this country with enormous natural resources of minerals, the generous soil for crops and a large quantity of unemployed labour force.

But in order all this get started, one needs reliable delivery of energy carriers which are the major factor of revival of industry and agriculture. It is considered that in their presence «a sleeping lion» can wake up, becoming an independent owner of the geoeconomic territory given to it.

Electric power is necessary everywhere and all from a bulb in the kitchen (irrespective of political convictions of its owners), to factories for processing of agricultural products, necessary in many provinces of Afghanistan, and before industrial development of iron ore deposits in Hajigak and deposits of copper ore in Aynak which can become a powerful basis for export.

Somehow similar situation is in neighbouring Pakistan where for a dynamic economic jerk it is necessary to correct the situation with electric power severe shortage.

It has been already informed that when the Turkmen electric power began to be delivered to the Afghani province of Badghis, its cost for consumers per watt/hour fell more than in seven and a half times!

And here today in the Turkmen capital the signing of the agreement on building of a power line to the border with Afghanistan in the direction from the Mary hydroelectric power station to near Herat in long-term plans has taken place.

– Construction of the power transmission line should be finished in August next year, – Myrat Artykov, who was running past journalists and was appointed chief of the department of the international electric power projects just yesterday, answered my question.

– What functions are assigned to a new organization? – I ask again the appointed head.

– The main task – to build a power line and realize export delivery of electric power to Afghanistan and Pakistan, and also subsequent stage-by-stage increase in the capacity in the given direction, – the main power manager answered, attentively checking readiness of organizers for a solemn ceremony.

Literally in some minutes Charymyrat Purchekov – Vice-Premier of the Turkmen government (it is he who temporarily fulfil duties of the Minister of Energy) and Ahmet Chalyk – well-known Turkish businessman in the locality, founder of “Chalyk Holding A.S. company congratulated each other put signatures under a very important agreement».

Besides them, the same document was signed by representatives of the affiliated organisations with Turkmen and the Turkish side – corporations “Türkmenenergo” and «TAPP-500 Power Transmission Line FZE» accordingly.

To estimate the importance of the event, it is enough to realise that the stage of building of the power line captured by today’s document – only a part of large scale power project Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan.

Let’s repeat: the transmission line from Mary of Turkmenistan to Herat of Afghanistan, according to the TAP project, will be continued to Kandahar – the city of Afghanistan, second large one for its population. Further, it will be stretched to Quetta – one of the largest cities of Pakistan nicknamed the “Fruit Garden of Pakistan”.

And it is not all. It is necessary to consider that one more direction is developed: from the Turkmen city of Kerki and to Afghan Andhoi, Puli Khumri and Kabul, and further – to Pakistan’s Peshawar.

As a result, in the foreseeable future two powerful transmission lines of Turkmen electric power, crossing the territory of Afghanistan, from the different directions will bring to the north and west of Pakistan vivifying power streams, and together with them – warmth and light.

And if we throw a look into the far future, then the same powerful transmission lines with a voltage of 500 kV will give the chance to continue the construction of a power line in countries and regions more remote from Turkmenistan.

So, a day when the Turkmen electric power will wake up the Afghani «sleeping lion» is not far off. And from there to the Pakistan «sleeping tiger» – is not too far.

Alexander BAYRIYEV