“To talk to each other, not about each other” – global security is discussed in Munich

“To talk to each other, not about each other” – global security is discussed in Munich

The international conference on international security policy was opened on Friday in Southern Germany, in the administrative center of Bavaria. The 56th forum hosts about 800 participants – politicians, representatives of business and scientific circles, as well as human rights organizations from around the world, TASS News Agency informs.

“The world has really become very dangerous,” said the head of the conference, Wolfgang Ischinger, opening the event. “We must say frankly that collective efforts are insufficient for handling of the crisis and threats to international security,” said he, calling the current time “an era of impunity”.

“The world is becoming less Western,” said Ischinger. “People continue to die, and the arms race is gaining momentum.” According to him, “We need to talk to each other, not about each other.”

Ischinger called for the strengthening of international institutions such as the UN, and informed that this year the United Nations won the Ewald von Kleist Award for services in reconciliation and conflict settlement, which is traditionally presented at the forum.

In total, about 35 heads of states and governments, almost a hundred Foreign and Defense Ministers participate in the forum. The conference is being held in Munich at the Bayerischer Hof Hotel under extraordinary security measures. The area in the city center by the side of the hotel is traditionally completely cordoned off by law enforcement officers. Approximately 3.9 thousand police officers administrate the law and order.