To be or not to be: actor test of young fans of English

To be or not to be: actor test of young fans of English

A month of cinematic arts takes place at the Information Resource Center of the U.S. Embassy in Ashgabat. Girls and boys who studying and practicing English play theatrical scenes, trying on all images from cartoon characters to heroes of Shakespeare’s tragedies.

At the first stage of immersion in the profession of actors, the children played the well-known game “Crocodile”. That is, they represented the set objects while other participants of the dramatic class tried to guess.

“The atmosphere of the game let all participants feel at ease,” says the young girl Aylar, one of those who conducts the training. “During the game, we try to make the children forget about the self-consciousness in both theatrical performance and practicing the English language.”

Aylar recently returned from the United States, where she spent an academic year under the FLEX Program that provides scholarships for high school students. During the year, she attended a Senior High School in Missouri as a teenager. She practiced language skills and got acquainted with the culture of the country. The knowledge learned was useful for her in working with Ashgabat peers.

At the second “actor” week, the guys were asked to choose a character. By the method of chance. Everyone pulled out small bundles with the names of future heroes himself, the quest was even more interesting.

Everyone who wanted to take part in a small performance was divided into three groups. It took one week to prepare the scenes.

Today, ORIENT visited the pre-performance. With great enthusiasm and a sense of humor, young actors told their stories. Romeo and Juliet, Hulk, Harry Potter and even Captain America – young talents have showed many characters on the stage.

Having listened the advices and wishes of the audience, the young actors aimed at serious preparation for the final part of the monthly practice. Now the three groups will compete to win at the so-called Oscar ceremony, which will take place in a week.

Home and amateur theater, or dramatic class – all it would certainly find their place if there are a couple of creative personalities. Meanwhile, an acting technique as a subject that is not included into everyday classes in secondary schools has always attracted and will attract young people.

Svetlana MAYAK