To be a teacher of music: to see beauty and to share it with children

To be a teacher of music: to see beauty and to share it with children

On October 5, in many countries of the world celebrate World Teachers’ Day. It is a professional holiday of all teachers and workers of education sphere – day on which the role and merits of teachers in the course of quality education at all levels, and also their invaluable contribution to society development are marked. Officially the holiday was established by the UNESCO in 1994.

The UN’s World Teachers’ Day suggests parents and all citizens for a minute to reflect on how a good instructor has changed their life, indeed each memory of such man or such people lives in each of us. On the occasion of this date the correspondent ORIENT talked with the teacher of the Ashgabat music school, the head of the group of young violinists «Altyn serpai» and winner of the presidential award «Altyn asyr» Angela Yurevna Yalkapova.

Our conversation began with memoirs on childhood: small Angela’s endowments were noted in a kindergarten and she was invited to a music school.

– Parents very much wanted that I played the piano, but I chose the violin, and they went towards meeting this desire, – Angela Yurevna shares.

– I had the luck to study under the supervision of national actor of Turkmenistan, Harold Isaakovich Neimark. He is an outstanding instructor and I am grateful to destiny for this «happy ticket». Under his supervision I began to be a soloist at performances of our school collective, but the main thing was – in a constant stream from his knowledge and abilities, subtleties of execution, motivation.

… And after graduation from the Turkmen national conservatory Yalpakova receives an invitation to work with children – at music school №1 of Ashgabat.

– I with such enthusiasm took up work! Since first days of work I felt pleasure, I would like, that it was also enjoyed by pupils during my classes , from this point of view carefully selected repertoire which would be pleasant not only for me, but also for my pupils. And our group began to be invited to perform at other schools; we took part in many cultural actions in Ashgabat.

The trade of teacher, work with children demands many energy and time, huge sincere self-return. It is very important to concern with love to each child, and thus constantly to study most exacting not only to pupils, but, first of all, to oneself.

– It is pleasant, when your work does not go in drain and when it bears good fruits, anything else does please so, as successes of pupils, their aspiration to growth! – Angela Yurevna speaks.

According to the teacher of music, a child, playing with the ensemble, is accustomed to responsibility.

– When I work individually with children, it is quite other business. Absolutely another – when they act in one collective, then the strictest judge – is not the teacher, but they themselves for each other.

Angela Yalpakova – a modest person, but from conversation with her you understand that the teacher of music should be, first of all, a creative person, possess intuition, feel and inspire children and thus to have accurately formulated requirements for them.

It is not just the techniques of training. It is necessary to be inspiring and expressive, original and innovative that work of the teacher on music helps young talent to reveal, get stronger and develop. And it is enormous work! What is the most important in it? All! Kindness, generosity, responsiveness, patience, care and keenness, tactfulness and friendliness…

In this there are main properties which do the teacher of music successfully – a talent to see beauty of the world and desire to share ability to “perform” it.

Maysa Ovezmuhammedova