This fascinating and popular boxing

This fascinating and popular boxing

The Ashgabat Olympic village enrols children from 9 to a boxing section. The program of training includes not only a special complex of exercises, but also that the most important thing, develops a self-discipline in the child. And well-measured physical activities allow young sportsmen to master tactics of purposeful fight, after all, boxing is not just a «flinging of one’s fists».

Classical boxing arose at the turn of the XVII-XVIII centuries in England and to this day has remained to be one of the most popular sports among men and boys. Boxing develops a gentleman’s character and will to win.

– We enrol children for two groups: senior and younger, – trainer Rahman Atayev says. – I myself actively train and act at competitions, and I started to go in for sports at my five. Aikido, Greco-Roman wrestling, judo, sambo-wrestling, and then chose boxing purposefully. In this sport I took prize-winning places in various tournaments for many times and now I want to share my skills with young sportsmen.

Rahman considers that boxing is a rather tough sport, therefore he does not advise girls to join the given martial art and consequently for his group he exclusively takes boys.

– In boxing a strong character and “iron” endurance are necessary, only they will help to achieve results. Really, there is always a risk of traumas and bruises but if one can withhold a blow, no traumas are terrible. The first that children master in my trainings is techniques of defence, control over coordination of movements and balance which will be useful in any sport.

Boxing is called « a dance on a ring». Besides physical and technical training, in this sport there is also a psychological aspect. Boxers as if “play” in an intellectual game, some kind of “chess”, trying to count the following course, i.e. blow, an opponent. Trainings develop also logical thinking, eliminate an emotional pressure and rage, for their place tactics and accuracy of movements come.

– The main thing for novice boxers is to come for trainings in a convenient sportswear, – Rahman Atayev goes on saying. – a two-hour training is aimed at development of physical endurance and development of techniques of defence and, before to put on boxing gloves and to come out on to the professional ring, it is necessary to prepare a good basis. One goes in for boxing for oneself and he does not need good results, others are aimed at participation in competitions. But first of all, it is necessary to follow desires of the child, after all, one should never force children to practice what they do not want.

“Kids’” boxing is a development of character, self-trust and a good training. The growing organism needs strengthening of a physical form and development, and constant trainings will help the child to become more responsible and to be able to map out his time.

In Turkmenistan there are many good boxing coaches, thanks to whom young sportsmen often reach successes. The new boxing club for children urged to popularise this sport in the country, to help to make a choice for young men who traditionally aspire to conduct a healthy and sports lifestyle.